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Mitsubishi Electric Europe has received DIN EN ISO 9001 certification continuously since 1995. To this end the quality management system (QM system) will be used to enable us to go through a period of effective organisation and operations structuring throughout the company, to detect potential errors and analyse their causes, and to prevent them from occurring using appropriate corrective and preventive measures.

The QM system is company-specific and is based on the following principles:

 The gearing of our actions to the demands of customers and the market

 The setting up of flexible organisation structures

 A quality process that is the responsibility of the company's management and the employee

Our quality management system originated in the standard DIN EN ISO 9001 (1994 wording) and it has been continuously developed further.

An independent body (in Germany: Bureau Veritas Certification) verifies yearly the demands based on this norm and documents the result in a certificate corresponding to norm DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

To view certificates obtained by the semiconductor group click here

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