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Semiconductor Product Portfolio in Europe

Cutting-edge technology for the world market

Semiconductors are indispensable components of increasingly high-performance products. They are the raw material of the future. In the semiconductor industry, Mitsubishi Electric has a leading position. State-of-the-art technology, modern production lines and high-capacity research and development are key factors to maintain this leading position. That is why semiconductors from Mitsubishi Electric achieve full performance and precision in mobile phones, satellites, medical apparatus, radar and laser technology, power supply systems, traction, renewable energies and many other devices.

Our success is a result of our expertise in four business fields: High Frequency, Opto Electronics, Power Semiconductors and TFT-LCD Modules. Our production has been changed over to lead-free products in all four fields.

Through eco-products (RoHS confirmed), environmental friendly technologies and activities, Mitsubishi Electric is working together with its global business partners, to make the world a better place to live. A future aim of Mitsubishi Electric emphasizes on the best utilization and development of new materials and process to offer miniature products at an affordable price with environmental features.

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