High Frequency Semiconductors

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High Frequency Semiconductors Core Capabilities

Advanced information and communication networks constantly have to be improved in order to cope with the popularity of mobile phones, personal computers and the internet. Therefore, High Frequency devices are becoming even more essential for wireless communication with higher speed and higher capacity in order to provide the best comfort for users. For such application fields Mitsubishi Electrics provides optimum solutions.

 High Frequency covers discrete and internally matched Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) Field Effect Transistors (FET’s) and HBT Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMIC’s) as well as transistors and modules based on Silicon MOSFET technology. Our low noise GaAs transistors are in use as amplifiers for satellite receivers (DBS) and automotive radar. High power GaAs FET’s are typically used as power amplifiers in radio links and satellite communication systems while integrated GaAs circuits (GaAs MMIC’s) are used in large volumes as amplifiers for UMTS mobile phones or WiMAX terminals. The key applications for MOSFET modules and transistors are analogue and digital communication systems like TETRA.

Mitsubishi Electric’s High Frequency products are optimized for best performance as well as for the very highest levels of reliability, proven through more than 20 years of sales in various space application projects. 

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