Opto Semiconductors

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Opto Semiconductors

With starting development in 1963, today Mitsubishi Electric has more than 40 years of successful experience in the field of R&D and production of semiconductor laser diodes. The market trend towards higher output power with high efficiency has been recognized and continuously pursued. Opto-electronic products include communication devices as well as high power laser diodes (HPLD) in red and infrared.

Opto-electronic products cover the whole spectrum from chips to fully integrated fiber-optic products. Therefore, we offer our customers innovative solutions for digital and analog transmission systems, above all in high-end trunk and metro networks. Furthermore, red and infrared high power laser diodes are produced for industrial (DPSS), display and medical appliances.

Mitsubishi Electric is joining a strong reputation in the global market for all products covering wavelengths from 400 to 1600nm range. Beginning already in 1989, the production of high power LDs has ended up to one of the market leaders and the world highest output power for DVD LDs. Based on our deep understanding and centuries of experience, in 2003 Mitsubishi Electric introduced totally new generation of HPLD in the field of infrared. High power laser diodes for pump sources are replacing traditional lamp pumps for solid-state lasers. Many diode lasers direct sources are finding numerous applications in existing technologies, whether for material processing, LIDAR, medical, communication, science and display or illumination appliances.

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