IGBT Modules

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IGBT Modules

6th Generation IGBT Modules (NX-Series) 

NX-Series is the latest development of Mitsubishi Electric’s state of the art 6th generation Carrier Stored Trench Gate Bipolar Transistor (CSTBTTM) IGBT and diode chip technology. NX-Series offer high flexibility by using one common platform for single, dual, six- and seven-packs and CIB (Converter-Inverter-Brake). The comprehensive line-ups include 600V, 1200V and 1700V devices.

The NX-M package (122mm x 62mm) is compatible with the European standard. A large package (NX-L) is available in 600A and 1000A/1200V and 400A and 600A/1700V dual configuration.

New Mega Power Dual IGBT Modules (with 6th Gen. IGBT Chips)

New Mega Power Dual combines advantages of latest generation CSTBTTM IGBT chip performance newly developed diode chips and a completely new package concept. High rated currents meet market's requests for higher power industrial requirements. Line-ups of 1200V (1500A and 2500A) and 1700V (1100A and 1800A) are available.

5th Generation IGBT Modules (A-Series and NF-Series)

A and NF-Series are based on the 5th generation CSTBTTM chip technology which offers high short circuit robustness and an excellent thermal conductivity by AIN isolation substrate. A-Series is available in 1200V and 1700V from 75A to 600A. NF-Series is available in 600V and 1200V from 50A to 200A.

NF-Series Mega Power Dual IGBT modules with power ratings of 1200V (900A and 1400A) and 1700V (1000A) are designed for high power UPS, distributed power generation and general purpose inverters.

High Frequency IGBT Modules (NFH-Series)
Combine CSTBTTM chip technology with adopted lifetime control providing excellent switching losses optimized for high frequency switching at 50kHz. NFH-Series is available at 600V from 100A to 400A and 1200V from 100A to 600A. 


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