Intelligent Power Modules

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Intelligent Power Modules

5th Generation Full Gate CSTBTTM IPMs (V1-Series)

The new Intelligent Power Module (IPM) family is mainly developed to increase the inverter efficiency. For this purpose several new technologies have been implemented such as a new full gate Carrier Stored Trench Gate Bipolar Transistor (CSTBTTM) chip. The chip technology and structural improvements reduce the effective junction temperature and increase the power and thermal cycling capability while keeping the mechanical compatibility to the existing V-Series.

5th Generation Full Gate CSTBTTM IPMs (L1 & S1-Series)

This IPM generation (L1-Series) incorporates new full gate CSTBTTM IGBT chip resulting in low power loss by keeping the mechanical compatibility with existing L-Series IPM family. A new small L1-Series package is available for ratings of 50A/600V and 25A/1200V. A newly developed evaluation board is available upon request.

5th Generation CSTBTTM IPMs (L-Series)

The IPM was first developed and mass produced by Mitsubishi Electric assuming the leadership in the industry for this technology. The reliability of our IPMs is proven through many years of experience in volume production. The package of L-Series is reduced by 32% compared to previous generations. A rating up to 75A/1200V is available with same base plate dimensions.

5th Generation IPMs for Photovoltaic Application

This Series of IPM is designed based on full gate CSTBTTM chip technology to obtain low losses as required for the very efficient power conversion in Photovoltaic. In the compact package of L-Series IPM a 7in1 configuration is available at power ratings of 600V at 50A and 75A. 

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