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MELCOSIM - a software tool for a proper selection of Mitsubishi Electric power modules based on fast power loss and junction temperature calculation

MELCOSIM is software designed for the power loss calculation occurring in power modules under specific user application conditions and for junction temperature rises as a consequence of power loss.

The version 4.03 kept such properties of the previous versions like fast algorithms, structured in-output window and the possibility to bring graphical output. The algorithms used in MELCOSIM are based on typical specified data and numerical approach for getting steady state and dynamical losses. The specified dynamic thermal resistance data of the power modules is used for the calculation of junction temperature rise.

The input-output view is divided into the four sections: module type number, the specified property of the module, input field for the application conditions and output field for calculation results. MELCOSIM is expecting nine inputs so called „application conditions“ in order to be able to calculate power loss and junction temperature: modulation strategy, output current, DC-link voltage, switching frequency, output frequency, on and off gate resistances, power factor, modulation factor or duty and the heat sink temperature measured directly under the chip. The field of the calculation result is giving the following information: average power loss for IGBT and free wheel diode divided into static and dynamic parts, the total power loss for the power module, case temperature, the average and maximum junction temperature in transistor and in the free wheeling diode.

The graphical output provides the possibility to analyse the power losses and junction temperature by changing one of the application conditions parameter within the specification limits. All calculation results can be exported into a text formatted file.

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