Transfer Mold (DIPIPM, DIPPFC)

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Transfer Mold (DIPIPM, DIPPFC)

Dual Inline Package Intelligent Power Modules (DIPIPMTM)

DIP and Mini-DIPIPMs use an ultra compact transfer mold package with included driver and protection functions. For the time and cost effective performance measure dedicated evaluation boards with built-in interface devices are available on request.

DIPIPMs are available in ratings of 600V from 3A to 75A and 1200V from 5A to 35A.

Dual Inline Package Power Factor Correction (DIPPFCTM)

The DIPPFC is employing low loss and high speed trench IGBTs to reach total loss reduction at high frequencies. The harmonic current regulation reach a PF>99%. DIPPFC is available in ratings of 600V at 30A and 50A.

High Voltage Integrated Circuits (HVIC)

A semiconductor integrated circuit designed to directly drive the power MOS/IGBT modules half bridge composition by integrating the 1200V, 600V and 8/24V dielectric elements onto the chip.


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